What about Auntie Tina? Well, she joins us from Thunder Bay, Ontario. She has a delightful internal tool kit that she brings with her. She is a certified Reiki practitioner, an accredited crystal healer and is trained in animal communication. It is essential that every person that is part of our team has the right energy. Tina has this in spades. Her positive, peaceful energy radiates. Before coming to Cold Lake she worked at a Veterinary hospital in Ontario. Now, she works here with us as well at a Veterinary Hospital in Cold Lake.

Who are we? Allow us to introduce ourselves...

Auntie Tina

Auntie Sienna

Auntie Jacklyn

Who loves animals? I do! When I was growing up we had pets. Both cats and dogs of various breeds.  A shepherd cross, a cocker spaniel, and even two precious Pitbulls. I tear up when I think of them today. They passed due to old age but were very impacting on my life. I now have my own Boxer-American Bulldog that my husband and I adopted from the Humane Society.  To us he is our son; even though he is very furry. We adore Louis and he does everything with us.

 I joined Cornerbrooks back in 2015, after moving here from Ontario with my husband who was posted with the military. Since coming to Cornerbrooks I have grown such an appreciation for the positive impact that animals play in the lives of everyone. Animals truly grow our hearts in amazing ways.

I have training in Pet First Aid, CPR, Dog Language, and am very knowledgeable of pet play styles. There is a lot to be said for understanding the importance of dog language. The fact is that they have a language of their very own and if we stay attuned we can learn so much more about them. 

Taking time to search for wild strawberries together.

While Tina keeps her hands full, they are busied with what she loves. Caring for animals. She is passionate about the overall well-being of animals on a physical and emotional level.  She is highly intuitive and easily identifies the needs of our guests.  She is kind, dedicated, and compassionate. Her fear-free training has given her the ability to recognize, prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in animals.

What can I tell you about myself and Cornerbrooks?

In 1999 my mom created and opened this business which my husband, 3 children, and I took over in 2008.  She watched her dream flourish, pouring her heart and soul into the idea of creating a safe, kind place for pets to go to. As time went on her passion for the business grew until she chose to retire in 2008 faithful in my ideas for the business. At 73 she still comes to visit, spreading love.

We all have our own uniqueness to bring and I wanted to bring my vision to life. With strong support of my family and the incredibly skilled hands of my husband it became a reality. Today when you see Cornerbrooks Pet Bed and Breakfast you can see my individuality and dream. I continually work to bring new ideas and strive to make Cornerbrooks the best we can be in all ways.

I have always loved spending my time with animals and can say I was truly born a nurturer. Growing up my family had all sorts of pets which only strengthened my bond with animals. Today we have 5 of our own. 3 Dogs and  2 cats. All of whom I love very much.

Adding to this, I am a very creative person. This creativity leads me in many exciting directions. From neat activities to making fancy-spoily things, planning pet parties, and other fun ideas we use to enrich our guests' visits.​​​

Auntie Dominik

 I am originally from Quebec, but in 2018, after completing my education in Animal Health Technology I  chose to move to Cold lake to be with my boyfriend. In the fall of that year, I began working at the Bonnyville and District SPCA where I worked for the next two years. I loved working there and it confirmed for me that I wished to continue working with pets for the rest of my life. However, I did find it difficult in this environment. That of abandoned and often not well cared for pets. We cared for them but they had no home. I wanted to work where I could spoil and love animals that came from and would return to loving homes.

This is why I love being part of the Cornerbrooks team!
 I am very passionate about dog training, behavior corrections, and low-stress handling. Since I moved here, I have enjoyed hiking at the Cold Lake Provincial Park with my own dog, Pepsi. He is a handsome black golden-lab cross.  I also have two cats, one of which came with me, from Quebec and the other one is a tri-pawed that I adopted here in Alberta.

I love meeting new pets and I want to know everything about them! For me, there is no such thing as <<talking too much>> of your pet.

I love it!

Auntie Tanya - Proprietor & Executive Care Giver

Sienna’s first became a

Cornerbrooks Auntie in 2008, when

our family took over Cornerbrooks

from my mom.

She is our Incredible daughter and she is currently working towards her Veterinary Technologist certification.

Throughout the years she has worked with us caring for guests, participating in parties,  renovating, thinking up great ideas and has partaken in our first aid

and CPR training.

She is an all-around fabulous Auntie.


Sienna’s pride and joy is her little golden Pekinese named Juliet.

The two of them have a special bond and are inseparable. Together they go hike, kayak, garden, and go on great adventures together. What a duo!

Sienna’s warm heart and kind spirit bring comfort and warmth.

Regardless of the breed, she sees each guest as an individual and takes the time to get to know everyone. She is attentive and maintains a watchful eye for

any needs our guests may have and

works to make their

 visit the best it can be. 

My Husband, Uncle Aron and Santa at Christmas

What do I strive for?

To provide our guests with individualized, loving care while incorporating social, physical & sensory enrichment. Yes!! This is my definition of perfect pet care. Of course no one can replace mom & dad but while your away our team of Aunties bring so much positive energy to the table, our guests absorb it like furry little sponges and they are so happy!

How do we do it? Absolute dedication. It also takes an experienced, well-educated, loving team who share a common goal to fully focus on both the physical and mental well-being of every guest. This is our team! For that, I have to say “Yay, Us! High five!”

My Mom, Grandma Judi

We are a small business built on love and dedication. Our superior quality care is proudly provided by a unified, well educated, loving team of women from all across Canada.

Our Aunties are the best of the best.

 Veterinarian recommended. Client referred again and again. Call 780.639.2290

Tina has been blessed to have many types of animals through her life. Most of which were girls and all those girls were redheads. Ellie, an incredible chestnut horse, Adah a darling fawn boxer, Aerial a precious fawn Bulldog, she has also cared for some very silly ducks, and a happy little fish. All of which have touched her life in very meaningful and lasting ways. The bond she creates with those in her life is true and dear.

I am trained in CPR, First Aid,

Dog Language, Group Play,

Animal Communication, Behavioural Training, Obedience Training, and Professional Grooming (which I’ve retired from).

I travel to attend educational seminars and take part in continuing education online routinely.

My desire to continuously educate and improve myself & my staff is demonstrated in the level of care we provide.​

Honestly, I have the best job in the world!

Sincerely, Tanya