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You can add even more fun!

Belly Treats

Pup-sicles - $4.75 each 
COOL frozen Yogurt PUP-sicles! Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry-Cheesecake, Elvis Favorite (peanut butter & banana), Chef's Special.

Beef Cakes - $4.75 each
Slow cooked Beef in homemade Beef Broth with delicious organic vegetables.Frozen deliciousness.

Crazy for Kong - $4.75 each
A Kong that is filled to the brim with peanut butter. Perfect for dogs that love to chew for fun or for some relaxing tasty fun! Wonderful bedtime treat!

(Kong does not go home with guest)

Ice Cream Sandwich - $4.75 each
This was a huge success at our Canada Day Pet Party! Potatoes, Cheese, Carrots stuffed between 2 Huge cookies. Decorated with pureed peas and FROZEN!!Super tastey and fun to eat with all its different dimensions!

Edible Apple Kong - $8 each

Completely edible! Cored apple stuffed with peanut butter. Crunchy, delicious and healthy. 

Frozen Strawberry & Organic Coconut Oil Treats- $5.25

Nutritional Powerhouse! And your buddy will love it. 


Nail Trim - $21
- with added bling of course!

Ear Cleaning - $16

Thorough ear cleaning along with removal of excess fur within.

Mind and Spirit

Field Trips - $36/time

Join the SPLASH CLUB and FOREST RANGERS! As we go on field trips to the beach to play and swim or adventuring in the forest where we will enjoy a yummy  puppy-picnic.

Nose Work - $26/time

By using different game and puzzle strategies we will target your pets  senses-sound, taste, touch, sight, smell. This mental stimulation is great for our senior guests with  its low physical impact, yet is also great for our energized guests as we challenge them mentally.

Rumpus Time - $14/time

There is only so much time in a day. This guarantees one on one playtime with us doing their favorite activity  

Peaceful Walk - $16/time

Time together taking in our fresh country surroundings! 

Movie & Cuddle Time - $19/time

You bet! We will snuggle up, munch on doggy treats and share time watching a  PG pet-friendly movie. Curl Up! 

Massage - $19/time

A relaxing, high touch ½ hour session!

Bedtime Story and Snuggle - $18

We cozy up, read a story and munch on some bedtime treats. 

Just for Fun Agility - $22

Experience our agility course!

Basic Manners Refresher Training - $26

Reinforce the basic commands. Come, sit, wait, down, walk on a loose leash (for those who have had previous training)  These 30 min sessions are a great way to keep behaviors fresh while you're out of town.

Please let us know when you book your stay if you wish to add on some pet pampering.