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Our Philosophy

Every pet (loved one) has a personality. Here we respect that. Fresh food, fresh water, warm blankets, clean beds, always clean inside the suites and outside too!

We play with them, cuddle them, and love them. All the things you do at home we try our very hardest to do here. It's our job to ensure their safety and love while you are away. You do all these things at home, why would you expect anything different while your away?

We believe that every pet should leave relaxed, healthy and happy. We pride ourselves on the exceptional, professional care of each of your furry family members.  Our activities and comfortable amenities are specifically designed and chosen to bring delight to all our guests.

We want to see your pet drag you in the door on their next visit.


Tanya Lehtinen ​​

Cornerbrooks Pet Bed and Breakfast
P.O. Box 1118,
Cold Lake, Alberta T9M 1P3
43022 Township, Road 643