Doggie Rates

* Additional dog sharing - $15/each

Main Suite | $19/day per dog

4 x 4 ft - with 4 x 16 ft personal concrete patio

Presidential Suite | $26/day per dog
8 x 4 ft - with 8 x 16 ft personal concrete patio

Luxury Suite | $38/day per dog

8 x 10 ft  - includes gourmet treats

Jellys Canine Pad | $19/day per dog

Personal Condo for dogs 20 lbs and under

Sharing will be based on size

Miss Mews Retreat |$19/day per cat

Please note that pets from different families may not board together. They can play together at play time, but they must dine and sleep separately.

Amenities for Our Guests

  • All guests are talked to and touched every day
  • Cookie on their pillow each morning 
  • Separate area for petite and elderly dogs
  • All suites in-floor heated and air cooled
  • One on one time with us and socialization
  • Daily exercise periods in outside yard
  • Specialty comfy beds, toys and blankets
  • Bedtime snack
  • Additional options for you to add even more fun and pampering

Main Suites

All of our suites have in-floor heating. We provide comfy beds, snuggly blankets and of course toys.  Our main suites are 4 ft x 4 ft with a personal door leading to their own 4 ft x 16 ft patio. At the end of each patio there is another door that opens into one of our 10 huge play yards. Where your friend can run and play and enjoy themselves. 

Presidential Suites

Our Presidential suites are 8 ft x 4 ft with a personal door leading to their  own 8 ft x 16 ft patio. There is a door off each patio that opens into our play yards. Tonnes of fun for your buddy!

Luxury Suites

These are something that are brand new. Our guests enjoying these suites have a real bed, flat screen TV furniture, decorated walls, china dishes, fireplace and a wonderful gourmet treat. Plus a full 80 sq ft all to themselves. These suites have individual themes and offer a homey feeling while holidaying with us.  

Jellys Canine Pad

For the petite dog, we have Jelly's Pad. If you have a small dog that is fearful and intimidated by large dogs, then this is the place to be. Each personal condo has a soft pad, blankie for them to curl up  in and of course toys.  In their suite your furry friend feels safe and secure within its soft sides.  These guests spend alot of time within our arms. Be it bringing them out to the play area, sitting with us at the desk, or visiting with us while we fold laundry or do other simple things. Their outdoor play area is complete with a park bench, patio umbrella and a fun pirate ship. So if your little one comes home talking like a pirate you'll know why! Away from the larger dogs and with their own private exercise area, they (and you) will have no worries.


Reservation are required for boarding at Cornerbrooks Pet Bed & Breakfast. 
Complete form below, and we will contact you within 48 hrs to confirm details of your booking.

For immediate service, please call us directly at 780.639.2290

Veterinarian recommended. Client referred again and again. All breeds welcome.  Call 780.639.2290