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S'more - Motivation Specialist
S'more is my Australian Cattle Dog/Shepard Cross. He is goofy, silly and loves to play. He is also gentle and loving and he works with me every day. I head up to our B&B with my loyal S'more beside me.  He spends his day working as well, playing with our guests. S'mores list of friends grows by the day. He loves his job and our guests love having him here. You can see my little "photo ham" Isabelle here as well.

Judi - Vacationing Consultant
Judi is my mom. She moved to Cold Lake from Ontario in 1994 and has never looked back. She is a two times, cancer survivor. She bred dogs for many years and with her husband and decided to build a small facility for her dogs and maybe a couple of other pets. The doors of Cornerbrooks Kennels - now Cornerbrooks Pet Bed & Breakfast, were opened November 17, 1999. This was to be her passion for the next 8 years. Cornerbrooks grew because of Judi's love of the pets that she cared for. She is now semi-retired but she still pops in to help out, take part in our pet parties and spend time with the pets she loves. 

Aron-Handyman and part time snuggler
Aron is my husband. He is our resident Handyman and is responsible for all the wonderful new changes and updates in our resort. Retired from the military after 25 yrs of service, he takes time each day to spend with our guests and loves bringing extra goodies and treats to each of them. He enjoys sitting and snuggling and is a wonderful addition to our loving team. Our guests are always happy to see Aron and get very excited when they see him.

Our Family

Tanya - Executive Care Giver/Proprietor
I took over Cornerbrooks from my mom in 2008 with my family. This was a natural transition for me. I began professional grooming in 2000. I had been wanting to create a pet Spa for years and when the time came allowing me to combine my passions (pampering pets, using my unending imagination and being with my family,) we jumped in with both feet. Being an creative person lends to all the fun ideas we use to entertain our guests.  Being with the animals makes every day fantastic. I have owned both dogs and cats my entire life, and I have a sincere and earnest affection for animals. I share my heart with all the animals. Allow your pets to relax and enjoy being here at Cornerbrooks, just as much as we enjoy them. 

Who are we? Let me tell you...

The most important element in determining the quality of pet care is the compassion, love and dedication of those people working at your kennel.  Cornerbrooks Pet Bed & Breakfast employs the most experienced and talented caregivers in Cold Lake.  While each person tends to specialize in a certain area, they each care for all breeds of dogs and cats with superior ability.

Something interesting about us?
In our spare time during the Christmas season we (and our families) ventured out into the winter.  With our chilled pink cheeks, we went Christmas caroling. Our (perhaps not so in-tune) voices raised over $500 for our Local Humane Society. You see, we love animals-even in our off-time.

Adian, Keean and Sienna - Super Fantastic Play Experts
These are my three children who love working, playing and helping with all of our guests.